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Mercruiser Engine Coupler 18643A 5

Mercruiser Engine Coupler  18643A 5
Product Information

Engine Coupler

18643A 5
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Model/HP Year Serial Number
3.0L 181/L-4 1998-2013 0L097000 and Up
3.0L MPI 181/L-4 2008-2013 1A072812 and Up
262 Mag.EFI (Gen +) 262/V-6 1996-1997 0F803800-0K999999
4.3L 262/V-6 1993-2013 0F000878 and Up
4.3L EFI (Gen +) 262/V-6 1998-2001 0L012009-0M299999
4.3L MPI262/V-6 2002-2013 0M300000 and Up
4.3LH (Gen +) 262/V-6 1998-2002 0L010044-0M614999
4.3LX (4 bbl)262/V-6 1993-1995 0F001220-0F802999
4.3LX (Gen +)(2 bbl.) 262/V-6 1996-1997 0F803000-0K999999
4.3LXH (Gen +) 262/V-6 1996-1997 0F803000-0K999999
5.0L (Alpha) 305/V-8 1994-1995 0F000001-0F600999
5.0L (Gen +)(Alpha) 305/V-8 1998-2013 0L015751 and Up
5.0L EFI (Alpha) 305/V-8 1998-2001 0L012052-0M299999
5.0L MPI (Alpha) 305/V-8 2002-2013 0M300000 and Up
5.0LX (Alpha) 305/V-8 1994-1995 0F000001-0F600999
350 Mag Alpha 350/V-8 1993-1997 0F000001-0K999999
350 Mag Alpha EFI (Gen+) 350/V-8 1996-1997 0F800300-0K999999
350 Mag MPI (Alpha) 350/V-8 1998-2013 0L010019 and Up
350 Mag MPI Horizon (Alpha) 350 /V-8 2002-2007 0M300000-1A299999
5.7L (Alpha) 350/V-8 1993-2013 0F000001 and Up 
5.7L EFI (Alpha) 350 /V-8 1995-2001 0F225560-0M299999
5.7LX (Alpha) 350/V-8 1996-1997 0F601000-0K999999
5.7LX EFI (Alpha) 350/V-8 1996-1997 0F752400-0K999999
18-2323 Sierra Mercruiser Engine Coupler 18-2323

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Product Code: 18643A5
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