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Mastervolt sine wave Inverter/Charger 37012505

Mastervolt sine wave Inverter/Charger 37012505
Product Information





 2500 Continous Watt

Pure Sine wave

120 Volt 

The Mass Combi, inverter and battery charger in one, is increasingly playing a leading role in carefully designed electrical systems. Mastervolt has integrated the most advanced technology into a compact package, allowing owners to get the most value for their money. This offers you high-quality basic support for smaller systems without requiring a great deal of space. You will not have to worry anymore about the quality of shore power in any port - things will always work with the Mass Combi!

The most vital functions in your electrical system now come within reach: battery charging, supplying 120V power, switching and the use of extended AC loads to be utilized on board, even when limited shore power is available. Power can be drawn from a shore connection, generator or charged batteries. Mastervolt's three-step Plus© charging method guarantees more battery power and a longer life span. Batteries are always fully charged and fast, even when a generator is used. And the clean or 120/60Hz power supply is perfectly reliable.

Equipment, including domestic appliances, can now be safely connected to the on board network. Air-conditioning systems, dishwashers and microwave ovens all function perfectly. Even if you are using the washing machine or other power hungry appliances the generator or batteries step in to temporarily bridge the gap. All this because of the tailor-made technology: the power to be independent!
Dimensions: 24x16x8
General specifications  
Nom. DC voltage inverter  12 V (10-15 V)
Cont. power inverter at 25 °C, cos phi 1  2500 W – 20,8 A
Surge capability inverter (5 sec, resistive)  5000 W – 38 A
Parallel use (to double the power)  yes
Parallel with shore/generator  yes
Output voltage inverter (± 5%)  120 V – 60 Hz , ± 0,05%
Output waveform  true sine
DC consumption inverter at 120 V  < 9 W
Search mode consumption inverter  0,5 W
Charge current second output  5 A
Nom. input voltage charger  120 V – 45-65 Hz
Max. charge current (adjustable)  100 A at 14,25 V
Primary AC consumption (full charge)  1700 W – 14,5 A
Charge voltage 25 °C (Absorption/Float)  14,25/13,25 V
Efficiency  0 %
Temperature sensor battery  delivered as standard with 6 mtr cable and telejack plug
Display/read-out  LED display 





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